BlazeMaster® Fire Protection Systems Protect Lives and Property

When fire strikes, there is no time for unreliable safety equipment when lives, property and your reputation is on the line. Remember not all orange pipe is the same, so make sure to install the reliability of a BlazeMaster® CPVC Fire Protection System, the most specified non-metallic fire protection system in the world.
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Reduced costs, quicker installation, environmental and corrosion benefits has helped CPVC rival steel for use on retrofit and residential projects.


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Case Studies and Reports

Wales Case Study

Pilot Sprinkler Project Goes Smoothly in Wales

In 2014, Wales became the first country in Europe to require automatic fire sprinkler systems in all new and converted residential properties. The mandate was the result of concern over the loss of life and property in fires. Wales is leading the way in protecting its citizens. BlazeMaster® is proud to work with contractors as they install these life-saving sprinklers.
Park Community School

Park Community School

The County of Hampshire wanted to include a fire sprinkler system in the rebuilt and enlarged Park Community School, but needed the right material for the job. It chose BlazeMaster Pipe & Fittings
Environmental Impact of The BlazeMaster System

The Environmental Impact of the BlazeMaster® Fire Sprinkler System

The industry's understanding of manufacturing’s environmental impact has become more sophisticated. It’s not just about what comes out of smokestacks and sewer pipes. The impacts range from securing the resources and the amount of energy used in the manufacturing process to the ultimate disposition of the material.

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Manufacturing Partners

Manufacturing Partners

Our selected partners expertly convert CPVC into strong, reliable, and completely consistent pipes and fittings.

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Listings and Approvals

Approvals and Certifications

Certifications held by the BlazeMaster® brand prove that our CPVC piping systems deliver reliability and reassurance when called upon.