BlazeMaster® Pipe and Fittings for Single Family Fire Sprinkler Systems

Every 82 seconds, a residential house fire erupts, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Making that worse, 84 percent of all fire deaths and 82 percent of all fire injuries happen during residential fires.  Dependability is a priority when it comes to installing fire sprinkler systems into single family, duplex and mobile home applications. BlazeMaster® pipe and fitting technology is a flame-resistant CPVC pipe and fitting material specially engineered to achieve a flash ignition temperature of 900°F (480°C), which is significantly higher than most common construction materials.  BlazeMaster fire sprinkler systems' lightweight material also provides superior durability, ease of installation and reliability in sprinkler system applications.

Why Choose BlazeMaster?

CPVC fire protection system approved for single family and townhouse applications

  • Easy to install and/or retrofit
  • Cost savings compared to metallic or other non-metallic installations
  • Rated for continuous service of maximum 175psi at 150°F (1210kPa / 12 bar at 65° C)
  • Can be designed for stand-alone systems or can be used with the plumbing systems for a multi-purpose system solution
  • Minimum 50-year service life (with a safety factor of 2)

BlazeMaster pipe and fittings also offer corrosion resistance (including resistance to Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion/MIC), superior hydraulics compared to CTS piping products used for plumbing applications, plus high heat tolerances and superior flame and smoke characteristics.  Let us guide you to the right product to meet your unique needs.