BlazeMaster Pipe

BlazeMaster® Pipe and Fittings for Retrofit Applications

When you own and operate a building, you need reliable performance from your fire sprinkler system to keep tenants safe and provide you peace of mind. But what if you find that system needs replaced or you’re ready to upgrade to a superior solution? Look no further than BlazeMaster® fire sprinkler systems – the perfect retrofit solution.

Why Choose BlazeMaster?

  • An easy-to-install fire sprinkler system that uses a highly reliable solvent cement joining system
  • An approved solution according to national standards for confidence that the product will last under the most demanding applications
  • The ability to install one room or building section at a time, avoiding costly tenant disturbances
  • The ability to hang directly to walls or ceilings, fit into tight spaces and requires much less general contractor work and clean up compared to metallic systems
  • Flexibility to install in both concealed and exposed installations
  • Adaptability on-site fabrication that requires one small room for storage compared to much larger areas needed for metallic systems
  • A clean, quiet and lightweight solution that can start and stop anywhere on the job site
  • No welding or noisy threading machines
  • Owner occupancy savings to due quicker installation and the ability to keep the building occupied during construction compared to traditional metallic systems

Especially important in retrofit situations is the fact that BlazeMaster piping systems are joined with a fast, easy and safe installation process, which minimizes disruption. Faster installation can also mean higher occupancy rates and less occupancy disruption at up to 40 percent lower total installation cost, depending on geographic location and building type.

Let us guide you to the right product to meet your unique needs.