BlazeMaster® Pipe and Fittings for Multi-Family Fire Sprinkler Systems

Dependability is a priority when it comes to fire protection systems in multi-family applications four stories and below and for residential high-rise. BlazeMaster® CPVC technology is a flame-resistant CPVC pipe and fitting material specially engineered to achieve a flash ignition temperature of 900° F (480°C), which is significantly higher than most common construction materials. BlazeMaster’s unique, lightweight construction also provides superior durability, ease of installation and reliability in sprinkler system applications.

Why Choose BlazeMaster?

  • Approved for all multi-family applications from single family to high-rise
  • Can attach directly to ceiling or wall compared to steel which must hang down from the ceiling
  • Start or stop anywhere on a job because the pipe is not screwed into fittings like metallic piping systems
  • Huge Cost savings potential versus traditional, metallic installations
  • Hazen-Williams C Factor of 150 often allows for pipe downsizing compared to metallic systems
  • Rated for continuous service of 175psi at 150°F (1210kPa / 12 bar at 65° C)
  • Minimum 50-year service life (with a safety factor of 2)
  • Higher cell classification of 23547 – certified by NSF International according to the specifications of ASTM D1784 – delivers a 14% greater tensile strength than standard CPVC fire sprinkler pipes of cell class 23447
  • Three times more impact strength for fittings with a higher cell classification of 24447 compared to standard CPVC fittings that only meet cell class 23447
  • Made with the industry’s only fully pressure-rated CPVC compounds that achieve a higher Hydrostatic Design Basis (HDB) at elevated temperatures compared to other CPVC fire protection systems; above the industry standards, pipes meet an HDB of 1250 psi at 180° F and fittings meet HDB of 1000 psi at 180° F
  • Easier coordination and less conflict when working with other trades

BlazeMaster pipe and fittings also offer corrosion resistance  (including resistance to Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion/MIC), superior hydraulics, high heat tolerances and superior flame and smoke characteristics. With these credentials, and backed by the reliability of the FBC™ System Compatible Program, it’s no wonder why BlazeMaster fire sprinkler systems have more listings and approvals and can be used in more applications than any other non-metallic sprinkler systems.

Let us guide you to the right product to meet your unique needs.