Residential CPVC Pipe and Fitting Products

Today there are more material choices for plumbing systems than ever before. Although metals once dominated the market, they have steadily lost ground to higher performing, more reliable plastic pipe alternatives such as chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) which is approved for residential and commercial potable water applications.

Residential Plumbing Applications

Lubrizol’s FlowGuard® family of CPVC pipe and fittings is the most widely used, non-metallic plumbing system in the world and features superior corrosion resistance that eliminates pitting and scaling, regardless of pH or chlorine levels in water – meaning a longer, reliable performance without the threat of copper leaching and subsequent drinking water contamination.

FlowGuard pipe and fittings are also known for its straight, professional appearance and simplified installation with its solvent cement joining system that requires only a few inexpensive cutting tools. It is also available in larger diameters to provide a dependable, cost-effective alternative for mains and risers in larger buildings.

For hot and cold water service supply and select underslab plumbing applications, you can count on the FlowGuard family of products. 

  • FlowGuard® CPVC pipe & fittings: Our proven hot and cold CPVC water distribution system that is available in CTS, Schedule 80 and metric sizes.
  • FlowGuard Gold® pipe & fittings: The most widely used, non-metallic plumbing system in the U.S. because of its fast and easy, one-step solvent cement joining system and corrosion resistance (available exclusively in CTS up to 2”).
  • FlowGuard Gold® EcoTec: Advanced line of piping products made of CPVC that does not require electricity or gasoline to operate expensive tools during installation. Allows for high impact resistance with thinner walls (SDR 13.5), allowing for higher water flow than (SDR 11) CPVC systems.

Residential Fire Sprinkler Applications

Dependability is a priority when it comes to residential applications. The CPVC technology used in BlazeMaster® fire sprinkler systems is a flame-resistant pipe and fitting material specially engineered to achieve a flash ignition temperature of 900° F, which is significantly higher than most common construction materials. BlazeMaster’s unique, lightweight construction also provides superior durability, ease of installation and reliability in sprinkler system applications.

BlazeMaster fire sprinkler systems are the product of choice for safety-conscious homeowners, landlords, building owners, facility managers, specifiers and installers. Solutions for residential applications include:

  • Single Family (NFPA 13D): Standalone housing, mobile homes
  • Residential (NFPA 13R): 4 stories or less: condos, hotels/motels, multi-unit apartment buildings
  • Commercial Residential (NFPA 13): 5 stories and more: high rise, condos, hotels, multi-unit buildings

Let us guide you to the right product to meet your unique needs. Contact us for more information and to find a piping system specialist.