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At Lubrizol, we are more than a supplier to the building products market – we are a partner in bringing ideas, technologies and services to life that result in complete customer satisfaction throughout the entire supply chain.

Our promise to our customers and to the industry is that, with Lubrizol, you always get More Inside™ ::

Innovation: Our organization has been rooted in research and development since we pioneered CPVC piping technologies in 1959. This spirit of innovation continues to thrive today as we develop new engineered solutions to meet the toughest building and construction challenges.

Expertise: Our elite list of manufacturing customers and our employees, from engineering to customer support, are considered leaders in the building products market, providing expert consultation, design assistance and unparalleled overall service.

Versatility: With our comprehensive portfolio of piping system materials and custom manufacturing capabilities, we can provide a high-performance solution for virtually every residential, commercial and industrial application, while complying with global building and construction regulations.