Motorcycle Engine Oils

Giving 4-stroke motorcycles the oils they need and deserve.

We love bikes. Big. Small. And we're not alone. Even through the worst of the global recession, 4-stroke motorcycles remained a bright spot for global automotive sales. And no wonder. Today's 4-stroke engines are marvels of high-output engineering. Yet, for all this popularity and performance, these engines continue to be treated as afterthoughts. Passenger car oils are commonly repurposed and repackaged without much thought given to the optimal performance characteristics that today’s 4-stroke engines demand. Now, that's finally changing. Stricter emissions standards, new industry specifications and manufacturer advances are all combining to make dedicated motorcycle oils a necessity. And an opportunity no oil marketer should ignore. This site is committed to providing the information, resources and links necessary to take full advantage of this dynamic shift in marketplace demand.

  • Two-Wheeler Trends

    The 4-stroke motorcycle segment, including motorcycles, scooters and mopeds, is the fastest growing part of the global automotive market.

  • Hardware

    4-stroke motorcycles have a more compact and complex design that relies on the same oil to lubricate engine, clutch and gearbox.

  • Spec Check

    Four-stroke motorcycle lubricant specifications and requirements are different from those of 2T and also different from passenger car engine oils.

  • Lubrizol FC9000 Series

    With the introduction of Lubrizol FC9000 Series, we have added a new, tailored product line expressly designed to meet the unique challenges of 4-stroke motorcycle & scooter applications.