Lubrizol Proposes Change to Industry Model

Creating a Path to Unlock Innovation: Lubrizol Proposes to Change the Industry Model

Lubrizol presented its view at the recent Biannual Detroit Advisory Panel about the obstacles around the processes for setting and managing lubricant specifications in North America, including the several forces that are inhibiting our ability to deliver marketable benefits and value to all. »

Understanding JASO MA and MB: Specific Performance for the Right Applications

JASO T903, the global motorcycle lubricant standard, specifies an important split that sets critical performance attributes necessary for motorcycles requiring low friction and high friction lubricants. Read on to discover how JASO MA and MB differ and why it's important for your business and customers. »

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JASO T903:2016 Standard Launched

The JASO T903:2016 standard launched in May 2016. Learn why the industry implemented a standard dedicated for 4-stroke motorcycle oils »

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Shift in Motorcycle Technology and Subsequent Changes in Lubricant Requirements

Over the last decade, motorcycle population has increased at a great pace globally, especially in Asia Pacific and Latin America. It is further expected to increase to around 1.1 billion units by 2020. Along with the growth in population, motorcycle technologies have also changed significantly, mainly driven by emission regulations and the push for improved fuel economy. »

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Revisions to JASO M345 Standard for 2-stroke Motorcycle Oils

The motorcycle oils industry is currently going through an important period of specification change. Major revisions have been proposed to the JASO M345 (for 2-stroke) motorcycle standards surrounding replacement of engine tests and inclusion of new engine tests. »

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  • Two-Wheeler Trends

    The 4-stroke motorcycle segment, including motorcycles, scooters and mopeds, is the fastest growing part of the global automotive market.

  • Hardware

    4-stroke motorcycles have a more compact and complex design that relies on the same oil to lubricate engine, clutch and gearbox.

  • Specifications

    Four-stroke motorcycle lubricant specifications and requirements are different from those of 2T and also different from passenger car engine oils.

  • Products

    With the introduction of Lubrizol FC9000 Series, we have added a new, tailored product line expressly designed to meet the unique challenges of 4-stroke motorcycle & scooter applications.