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Glucamate™ CCO Thickener

INCI Name: Methyl Glucose Caprate / Caprylate / Oleate AND Propanediol

To meet the growing trends for mild bath and shower products, we introduce Glucamate™ CCO thickener. This vegetable derived thickener is ideal for non-ethoxylated surfactant packages, including sulfate and sulfate-free cleansing systems where properties such as clarity, honey-like flow and mildness are desired.

Glucamate CCO thickener is a new, naturally derived thickener for mild surfactant systems. This product is compatible with a variety of sulfate and sulfate-free surfactants, is exceptionally easy to use and provides unprecedented formulation flexibility, allowing formulator creativity in a cost-effective manner. Formulators can have the freedom to create many different kinds of products using the same basic chassis by simply manipulating major formulation components, such as total surfactant concentration, surfactant ratio, electrolyte content as well as the level of Glucamate CCO thickener.

Key Benefits of Glucamate CCO Thickener

  • Easy to use, fully cold-processable and can reduce total formulation cost as it is supplied as a 80 wt% Total Solids
  • Thickens both ethoxylated and non-ethoxylated surfactant systems efficiently, providing formulation flexibility and enhanced formulation performance
  • 93% plant derived by weight, enabling formulations that contain high levels of renewable carbon
  • Is non-ethoxylated, meeting a key market trend toward ingredients that do not contain ethoxylation or residual 1,4 dioxane 


  • Body washes
  • Hand washes
  • Shampoos
  • Mild personal cleansing products, including baby and elder care products
  • Intimate cleansing products
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