Engineered Polymers (TPU)

Isoplast® ETP (Engineered Thermoplastic)

Isoplast® Engineered Thermoplastics (ETPs) are designed for rigid polymer requirements due to their high tensile strength and impact resistance. This product class combines the toughness and dimensional stability of amorphous resins with the chemical resistance of crystalline materials.

These polymers may be used to replace polycarbonate where stress cracking is an issue or coloring is difficult. Isoplast® is ideal for applications needing an impact resistance-based polymer, and is available in impact modified, clear and glass-filled grades.

EMEAI (Europe, Middle East, Africa, India)
Product NameHardnessAvailabilityTechnical Data Sheet
Isoplast® 101 ETP 80D
Isoplast® 101 LGF40 ETP 87D
Isoplast® 101 LGF60 ETP 89D
Isoplast® 202 LGF40 ETP 88D
Isoplast® 202EZ ETP 82D
Isoplast® 300E ETP 80D
Isoplast® 301 ETP 84D
Isoplast® 302EZ ETP 85D

While products may be commercially available, sampling may be restricted in some regions. Please check with your local account manager for availability.
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