Refinery and Oilfield Chemicals

Components for Oilfield Chemicals

Innovative chemicals for petroleum exploration, extraction and transport

Expect Reliability

Oilfield service companies are constantly called on to solve many petroleum challenges during drilling and extraction – challenges that require the right chemical for the job – and chemicals that provide reliable results. Delays or stoppages mean significant expense. That’s why oilfield service companies look to Lubrizol for their chemical solutions. Keeping oilfields running smoothly is key to your success, and Lubrizol can help you continue that success. Expect nothing less from a partner in Lubrizol.

Oilfield Products - Drilling/Completion 

  • Lubrizol® drilling fluid lubricant additives
  • Lubrizol® drilling fluid emulsifiers
  • Lubrizol® drilling fluid dispersants

Oilfield Products - Production 

  • Lubrizol® and FloZol® paraffin control components
  • Lubrizol® and FloZol® asphaltene control components
  • Lubrizol® and Anedco™ corrosion control components
  • Anedco™ foamers
  • Anedco™ oxygen and hydrogen sulfide scavengers

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