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Refinery Fuel Additives

Innovative Additives for Delivering On-Spec Fuels

At Lubrizol, we’ve been leaders in the additive industry for over 80 years. Often, our advanced chemistries are added at terminals before ever reaching the consumer, helping fuel marketers formulate TOP TIER™ gasoline or premium diesel, for instance. But we also help refineries meet some of their own challenges. Our broad portfolio is proven to provide a great deal of value, ensuring finished fuels leaving the refinery meet specifications.

From the same group that already brings you SulfrZol® 54 catalyst sulfiding agent comes some excellent solutions for ensuring fuels are on specification. Our advanced fuel additive technologies include solutions to low temperature flow, corrosion, combustion, lubricity, fuel stability, conductivity, and more.

Together, our industry knowledge, customer support and leading additive technologies make us a valuable refinery partner. We’re ready to help you improve refinery efficiencies, drive down costs, and maintain fuel spec compliance. Let’s discuss how we can add value to your operations too.

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Cloud Point

Cloud Point

  • Less kerone/jet fuel blendstock needed to meet cloud point
  • Allows for deeper cut with a higher end point
  • Greater flexibility in blending

Cold Flow

Cold Flow

 Lubrizol offers a full line of ashless low temperature flow improvers

  • Keeps cold flow plugging point (CFPP) low for blending

Pour Point

Pour Point

  • Decreases pour point in crude oil, residual fuels, middle distillates and other heavy hydrocarbon streams


Lubricity Improver

  • Extensive line of lubricity products
  • Used to meet fuel standards 
  • Easy handling at very low temperatures 
  • Excellent low temperature viscometrics 

Corrosion Inhibitor

Corrosion Inhibitors

  • Iron (Fe) rust inhibitor
  • Silver strip 
  • Copper strip 
  • Pipeline approved

Fuel Stabilizer Antioxidant

Fuel Stabilizer/Antioxidant

  • Metals deactivator
  • Increases oxidation resistance and stability
  • Dramatically reduces insolubles and total acid number
  • Performs in multiple feedstocks 

Cetane Improver

Cetane Improver

  • Improves Cetane number to meet specification 
  • Decreases emissions
  • Greater flexibility in blending

Conductivity Improver

Conductivity Improver

  • Improves the conductivity of fuels 
  • Very low treat rate 
  • Suitable for use at refineries and terminals

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