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Sensomer™ CT-250 Polymer

INCI Name: Cassia Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride

OaSense Model

Sensomer™ CT-250 polymer is a naturally derived, multifunctional polymer for use in hair care formulations providing improved deposition, distinctive sensory and enhanced conditioning. When used in shampoos, Sensomer CT-250 polymer deposits silicone more efficiently and conditions hair more effectively than standard cationic conditioning polymers. The improved efficiency of the polymer allows formulators to reduce the amount of silicone and cationic polymer needed to produce formulations that result in smooth, silky, healthy looking hair that is alluring to the eye and to the touch.

Sensomer CT-250 polymer is a cationic derivative of cassia gum, a galactomannan with a long history of use in Ayurvedic medicine to treat skin ailments, indigestion and pain.


  • Efficient silicone deposition aid 
  • Good surfactant compatibility* to generate surfactant-based formulations with medium to high clarity 
  • Generates high levels of coacervation 
  • Substantive polymer 
  • Enhances foam richness to generate a long lasting creamy foam in surfactant-based formulations 
  • Enhances comb properties of hair in both the wet and dry stage 
  • Generates lubricious wet sensory 
  • Leaves dry hair feeling smooth and conditioned 
  • Effective frizz control to leave hair looking smooth and silky 
  • Versatility to provide enhanced conditioning for a wide variety of hair types 
  • Well suited for used with fine hair


  • Conditioning shampoos* 
  • Hair treatments 
  • Smoothing shampoos* 
  • Body washes*
  • Hair conditioners 
  • Facial cleansers* 

  * Due to the high charge density of these naturally derived polymers, best results are obtained where surfactant concentration is >12%. See TDS-775 for processing guidelines. 

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