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Hydramol™ TGL Ester

Hydramol™ TGL Ester

INCI Name: Polyglyceryl-3 Laurate

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As a polymer of glycerin, Hydramol™ TGL ester is used for moisturization and humectant properties, and further functions as an emollient in both hair and skin formulations.

In emulsion systems, Hydramol TGL ester delivers emolliency from the water phase on contact. This viscous, glossy ester is completely soluble in water and will even thicken water at higher concentrations, making it a candidate for specialty skin care applications such as treatment products and serums. Its combination of emolliency, glossiness and aqueous compatibility makes it an ideal additive in shampoo and conditioner formulations. Hydramol TGL ester has been used as a pigment dispersant in color cosmetic applications such as lip glosses, and in inorganic sunscreens.

Ecocert Icon Raw material authorized by Ecocert, complying with the standards for ecological and organic cosmetics.

Natural Leaf Icon All major raw materials derived from vegetable sources.

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