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Hydramol™ Esters

Hydramol™ esters are specialty emollients with distinctive solubility profiles that grant them uncommon performance attributes. They can deliver emolliency, lather and viscosity to cleansing systems. In creams and lotions they can provide emolliency before the emulsion even breaks, for luxurious aesthetics from application to afterfeel. When used in conjunction with heavy emollients like oils or hydrocarbons, they can mitigate the greasiness and improve washoff. And they can be used in crystal clear aqueous formulations to deliver an unexpected richness.

Water-Soluble and Water-Dispersible Esters


  Brand Name
CAS Number
Appearance Acid Value mgKOH/gram (max.) Saponification Value mgKOH/gram Molecular Weight g/mol (avg.) Suggested Application
  Hydramol™ PGDS Ester
PEG-90 Diisostearate
Waxy Solid 10 23 - 28 4550

Completely water-soluble emollient. Used for moisturizing properties. Recommended for use in skin care products, shampoos, conditioners. Forms beautiful stiff gels with sodium laureth sulfate and cocamidopropyl betaine. Highly recommended as a thickener in detergent systems. Unusual thickening properties. Forms creamy gels with propylene glycol or dimethicone copolyol.

  Hydramol™ PGPD Ester
PEG/PPG-8/3 Diisostearate
Clear to Slightly Hazy Liquid 10 90 - 110 1150

Unique water dispersible emollient. Used as a moisturizer in detergent systems. Compatible with water and most oils. Excellent in conditioning shampoos, oil-free, styling gels, facial cleansers, light moisturizers, bath oils, antiperspirants and deodorants.

  Hydramol™ PGPL Ester
PEG/PPG-8/3 Laurate
Clear to Slightly Hazy Liquid 5 68 - 78 782

Unique water-soluble, oil-soluble ester. Forms a clear solution at 5% level in water and in various vegetable oils. Ideal emollient in water-based formulations. Used for "oil free" moisturization for hair, skin and make-up applications. Excellent solubilizer and coupling agent.

Ecocert IconNatural Leaf Icon Hydramol™ TGL Ester
Polyglyceryl-3 Laurate
Clear to Slightly Hazy, Viscous Liquid 6 128 - 144 422

Used as a moisturizer. Compatible with water systems. Recommended for use in color cosmetics: glosser in lipsticks, thickener and emulsifier in liquid makeup. Ideal for shampoos, conditioners and bath/shower preparations.


Ecocert Icon Raw material authorized by Ecocert, complying with the standards for ecological and organic cosmetics.
Natural Leaf Icon All major raw materials derived from vegetable sources.


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