Personal Care

Technical Data Sheets for Carbopol® 940

TDS 61   How to Prepare Aqueous Dispersions of Carbopol® and Pemulen™ Polymers
TDS 103   Dispersion Techniques for Carbopol® and Pemulen Polymers
TDS 164   Biotreatability of Carbopol® Polymers
TDS 237   Neutralizing Carbopol® and Pemulen™ Polymers in Aqueous and Hydro-alcoholic Systems
TDS 244   Measurement and Understanding of Yield Value in Personal Care Formulations
TDS 448   Shelf Life of Carbopol® & Pemulen™ Polymers
TDS-798   Free DEA in a TEA Neutralized Carbopol Polymer Mucilage

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