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Watch Lipotec’s Experts in Action as They Appear on The Balancing Act®

Lipotec is a leading global supplier of cosmetic peptides, delivery systems and biotechnology ingredients for skin and hair care products and was recently featured on Lifetime Television’s The Balancing Act® for its advances in developing revolutionary anti-aging skin care solutions.

The segment, which aired on April 25, features Lipotec’s contributions to the cosmetics industry and highlights its revolutionary peptide, ARGIRELINE®, one of the most successful active ingredients ever launched in the cosmetics market.

We invite you to watch Lipotec’s Chief Innovation Officer, Dr. Raquel Delgado, and Director of Business Development, Dr. Cristina Carreño, as they break down the science behind the brand’s innovative anti-aging skin care ingredients and offer tips for consumers on choosing the right products for their skin care regimen.

Cristina Carreño

Dr. Cristina Carreño  

Dr. Cristina Carreño is the Business Development Director of Lipotec. She received her PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Barcelona in 1997, where she specialized in both peptide and combinatorial chemistry. For nine years she was in charge of the Peptide Synthesis Facility at the University of Barcelona, after which she joined to DiverDrugs, the research company of Lipotec Group specializing in the discovery of new compounds for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. Since 2008 she combined her activities in DiverDrugs with the development of new business for Lipotec. Since October 2011 she works for Lipotec on an exclusive basis. Dr. Carreño is the author of several patents in the field of new actives for cosmetic dermatology.

Raquel Delgado

Dr. Raquel Delgado  

Dr. Raquel Delgado received her PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), and she holds a Master of Science in Total Quality Management from Technical University of Barcelona (UPC). She began her relationship with Lipotec in 1991 to further develop her PhD thesis project in Cytostatics encapsulation in Liposomes. In 1996 she was given responsibility for the Quality Assurance of the company, which was certified ISO 9001 in 1997. In 2005 she took on Operations Management functions and since 2008 she is Chief Innovation Officer leading Lipotec’s strategy for the discovery and development of new actives and specialities.

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