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Formulation NameFormulation NumberAppearanceRegionForm
Elegant Sprayable Sun Mist SPF 50  New!
Get protected with convenience and elegance thanks to this high SPF sprayable emulsion, which is quickly absorbed by the skin with a light feel and enriched with Lipochroman™ synthetic molecule, a powerful antioxidant.
SU-0059(EU) OpaqueEuropeEmulsion, Liquid, Sprayable Pump Spray
Elegant Sprayable Sun Lotion SPF 30  New!
Get protected with convenience and elegance thanks to this SPF 30 sprayable emulsion, which is quickly absorbed by the skin with a light feel and enriched with Lipochroman™ synthetic molecule, a powerful antioxidant.
SU-0058(EU) OpaqueEuropeEmulsion, Lotion, Sprayable Pump Spray
Water-Resistant Sun Lotion SPF 30  New!
This fluid sun lotion SPF 30 features good water-resistance.
SU-0057(EU) OpaqueEuropeEmulsion, Liquid
Emulsifier-Free Daily SPF 30 Cream For Oily Skin  New!
This emulsifier-free daily cream SPF 30 is a smooth and mild emulsion formulated for oily skin.
SU-0056(EU) OpaqueEuropeCream
Emulsifier-Free Daily SPF 30 Cream New!
This emulsifier-free daily cream is a smooth and mild lotion providing an SPF 30.
SU-0055(EU) OpaqueEuropeCream
Cost-effective W/O Lotion SPF 30 with Light Sensory New!
This interesting water-in-oil (W/O) sun lotion SPF 30 has a surprising light texture with fresh and soft sensory.
SU-0054(EU) OpaqueEuropeCream
Sun Cream SPF 30+ with Liquid Crystal Structure  New!
This smooth sun cream offers good sun protection (SPF 30+) with low levels of UV filters, enabling lower formulation cost with a fantastic skin feel.
SU-0053(EU) OpaqueEuropeCream
HH Cream Intensive Care for Him
This innovative formulation – offering facial daily care with sun protection, hydration, even skin tone, and protection against external factors – targets men care.
M-0026(LA) OpaqueLatin AmericaEmulsion
Antioxidant Sprayable Sun Lotion
This sprayable sun lotion has a soft and light afterfeel for pleasant application on skin.
SU-0050(LA) OpaqueLatin AmericaSprayable Pump Spray
Water-Resistant Sunscreen with Berry Extracts
Glucamate™ SSE-20 emulsifier and Glucate™ SS emulsifier offer emulsion stability in this water-resistant sun care formula enriched with ActiBerry™ natural performance ingredient, an antioxidant agent.
SU-0051(LA) OpaqueLatin AmericaEmulsion
Light Sun Cream SPF 50 with PBSA
This light sun cream uses Carbopol® Aqua SF-1 OS polymer for excellent emulsion stability and good electrolyte tolerance.
SU-0048(EU) OpaqueEuropeCream
Light Sun Cream SPF 50+
This light sun cream uses Carbopol® Aqua SF-1 OS polymer for excellent emulsion stability, high pigment compatibility and good electrolyte tolerance.
SU-0047(EU) OpaqueEuropeCream
Light Sun Cream SPF 30
This light sun cream uses Carbopol® Aqua SF-1 OS polymer for excellent emulsion stability, high pigment compatibility and good electrolyte tolerance.
SU-0046(EU) OpaqueEuropeCream
Light Sun Cream SPF 15
This light sun cream uses Carbopol® Aqua SF-1 OS polymer for excellent emulsion stability, high pigment compatibility and good electrolyte tolerance.
SU-0045(EU) OpaqueEuropeCream
Lightening Skin Lotion - SPF 30+
This flowable lightening skin lotion illustrates the use of Carbopol® Aqua SF-1 OS polymer, which provides effective stabilization in this emulsion with TiO2 & UV absorbers.
SU-0044(AP) OpaqueAsia PacificLotion
Antioxidant Facial Sunscreen SPF 50 with Berry Extracts
This facial sunscreen delivers a comfortable, non-greasy sensory with a high SPF of 50, and UVA and UVB protection.
SU-0043(LA) OpaqueLatin AmericaEmulsion
Mattifying BB Cream SPF 30
This facial Beauty Balm (BB) formula delivers UVA and UVB protection, moisturization, anti-aging and mattifying benefits in a tinted product enabling even tone with comfortable wear.
CC-F0006(LA) OpaqueLatin AmericaBalm, Cream, Emulsion
PEG-free Sprayable Sunscreen Lotion
This EO-free sprayable sunscreen lotion formulated with high levels of organic UV filters delivers a broad UV protection.
SU-0042(EU) OpaqueEuropeLotion, Sprayable Pump Spray
Dry & Soft Touch Sunscreen Lotion
This non-greasy sunscreen lotion delivers high and broad UV protection while leaving skin soft and smooth.
SU-0040(EU) OpaqueEuropeLotion
Light and Natural BB Cream
This easy-to-make, cold processed Blemish Balm (BB) facial cream is formulated and stabilized with Novemer™ EC-2 Polymer.
O-0055(AP) OpaqueAsia PacificBalm, Cream
Extreme Exposure Water-Resistant Sunscreen (SPF 35)
Avalure™ UR-450 Polymer provides breathable water resistant property to this very water-resistant, easy-to-apply sunscreen which is ideal for people who partake in water sports or activities that require long exposure under the sun.
SU-0037(AP) OpaqueAsia PacificEmulsion, Lotion
Daily Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion (SPF 30)
Make a habit of using this light, sprayable skin moisturizer with UVA and UVB sun protection.
SU-0036(AP) OpaqueAsia PacificEmulsion, Lotion, Sprayable Pump Spray
Daily Kids Protection Cream - SPF 13
This cream can protect kids’ sensitive skin from UV radiation and sunburn.
SU-0035(LA) OpaqueLatin AmericaCream
Very Water Resistant Sun Protective Body Cream - SPF 20
Guard your skin against sun damage even in extreme outdoor conditions with this very water-resistant protective cream.
SU-0034(LA) OpaqueLatin AmericaCream
Radiant Skin Brightening Daytime Lotion
Embrace the skin lightening trend with this formula for daytime wear containing 1% Arbutin to stimulate a radiant and lighter skin tone.
F-0095(AP) OpaqueAsia PacificCream, Lotion
Medium Protection Daily Facial Cream - SPF 20
This elegant cream protects the face from sun damage, leaving the skin soft and not sticky.
F-0093(LA) OpaqueLatin AmericaCream
Men's Sport Sunscreen Spray (Measured In-Vitro Very Water Resistant SPF Value - 38)
This formula is ideal for men with active lifestyles due to the sweat-resistant and water-resistant formulation design.
SU-0032(LA) OpaqueLatin AmericaEmulsion, Sprayable Pump Spray
Radiance Complexion Age-Defying Gel Cream (Measured In Vitro SPF value - 50+)
This age-defying gel cream promotes a healthy and radiant skin appearance.
SU-0031(LA) OpaqueLatin AmericaCream Gel
Full Spectrum Sun Protection Spray (Measured In Vitro SPF value -34)
This fluid sunscreen spray is easy to use and provides a non-oily feel.
SU-0030(LA) ClearLatin AmericaLiquid, Sprayable Pump Spray
Sunblock Stick for Babies (Measured In Vitro SPF value - 50+)
This mild formula was specially designed for babies’ skin with filters designed to provide broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection.
SU-0029(LA) OpaqueLatin AmericaSolid Formula
Bronzing Luxury Cream
This cream provides tanning from natural extracts while offering protection against the sun's UVA and UVB rays.
SU-X0003(LA) OpaqueLatin AmericaCream
Full Spectrum Water Resistant Sun Protection for Men - SPF 30+
This cream gel offers light skinfeel in accordance with male preferences, and contains both UVA and UVB absorbers for protection against sun effects.
SU-0028(LA) OpaqueLatin AmericaLotion
Very Water Resistant Sunscreen (SPF-20)
This Very Water Resistant SPF-20 Sunscreen is stabilized by a combination of naturally derived Glucate™ SS and Glucamate™ SSE-20 Emulsifiers.
SU-0026(LA) OpaqueLatin AmericaCream, Emulsion
SPF-20 Spray Sunscreen
Protect and soothe your skin with this SPF-20 sprayable sunscreen.
SU-0027(LA) OpaqueLatin AmericaLiquid
Sunscreen Lipstick
A combination of Schercemol™ 1818 Ester and Lanolin USP AAA Emollient & Moisturizer helps provide the proper consistency, good slip, softness and non-tacky skinfeel to this Sunscreen Lipstick.
CC-L0019(LA) OpaqueLatin AmericaSolid Formula
Sunscreen SPF 30+
Who says high SPF formulations can’t feel good? This SPF 30+ Sunscreen spreads easily and does not leave a white film.
SU-0025(LA) OpaqueLatin AmericaEmulsion
Men's Protective Everyday Facial Lotion (SPF 30+)
This refreshing facial lotion provides skin nutrients and protection without a distracting odor.
M-0013 OpaqueGlobalLotion
Moisturizing Soufflé with Sun Protection
Protecting the skin from harmful UVA rays is one of the keys to minimizing the signs of aging.
F-0077B OpaqueGlobalCream, Emulsion, Lotion
Daily UV Defense Moisturizer (SPF 20)
This daily moisturizer is as wearable as it is functional.
F-0064B OpaqueGlobalEmulsion, Lotion
Light Day Cream with Physical Sunscreen
This light day cream contains zinc oxide as the physical sunscreen, UV-A blocker.
F-0028 OpaqueGlobalCream, Emulsion, Lotion
Sprayable Insect Repellant with Sunscreen (SPF-12)
This light, milky lotion delivers a fine mist from a pump sprayer and provides evenly applied insect repellant to the skin with the added benefit of sunlight protection.
O-0008 OpaqueGlobalEmulsion, Lotion, Sprayable Pump Spray
Very Water-Resistant Sunscreen Lotion (SPF 30+)
This high SPF sunscreen lotion provides long-lasting UV protection and has excellent water-resistant properties provided by Avalure™ AC 120 Polymer and Pemulen® TR-2 Polymer.
SU-0001B OpaqueGlobalEmulsion, Lotion
UV-A & B Very Water-Resistant Sunscreen Lotion (SPF-20)
This sunscreen lotion provides long-lasting UV protection.
SU-0002C OpaqueGlobalEmulsion, Lotion
Sunscreen Gel with Aloe & Chamomile
This clear alcohol-free sunscreen gel contains a water soluble UV-B sunscreen.
SU-0003 ClearGlobalGel, Gel-Medium Viscosity
Sprayable Sun Protection Lotion
Pemulen® Polymers are effective in the formulation of stable, sprayable products containing physical sunscreens like titanium dioxide.
SU-0007(EU) OpaqueEuropeEmulsion, Lotion, Sprayable Pump Spray
Titanium Dioxide Sunscreen - SPF 25
This smooth sunscreen lotion contains no "chemical" UV absorbers and delivers a uniform, non-chalky protection.
SU-0008B OpaqueGlobalCream, Emulsion, Lotion
Very Water-Resistant Sunscreen Lotion (SPF 15)
The water resistance and application experience of this sunscreen formula is enhanced by Pemulen® TR-1 Polymer.
SU-0014 OpaqueGlobalEmulsion, Lotion
SPF-30+ Sunscreen Lotion - Very Water Resistant
A non-oily, highly water-resistant SPF-30+ lotion for face and allover application.
SU-0016 OpaqueGlobalCream, Lotion
SPF-15 Spray Sunscreen
A light, non-greasy sun protection formulation using Schercemol™ 105 Ester, a totally non-oily emollient to reduce the heaviness of chemical sunscreens.
SU-0019 OpaqueGlobalEmulsion, Liquid, Sprayable Pump Spray
SPF-15 Sport Sunscreen - Very Water Resistant
A soft, almost weightless, water resistant sport cream.
SU-0020 OpaqueGlobalCream, Lotion
Splash & Play Conditioning Sunscreen (SPF 30+)
This luxurious, very water resistant sunscreen allows you to splash and play as it absorbs quickly into the skin.
SU-0023(AP) OpaqueAsia PacificCream, Emulsion, Lotion
Very Water-Resistant Sunscreen Gel for the Body (SPF 25)
This lightweight sunscreen offers a surprisingly creamy/cushiony texture without the ‘greasiness’ of other very water-resistant SPF 25 sunscreens.
SU-0024 OpaqueGlobalCream Gel, Emulsion, Gel, Gel-Low Viscosity

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