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ALOX® 2100 Rust Preventive

ALOX® 2100 rust preventive provides our most effective salt spray protection available in a thin film rust preventive.

ALOX 2100 Rust PreventiveThe ALOX 2100 calcium package offers our most advanced rust protection available in a thin film product that is free of barium and heavy metals. This rust preventive is soluble in solvent, solvent/oil, and oil diluents to meet a full range of treat rate and performance requirements, and provides over 100 hours of rust protection as measured by the ASTM B117 salt spray test. It also offers excellent water separation and water displacement properties, ensuring film consistency in dip tank applications.

ALOX 2100 rust preventive is non-staining, so treated metals can be stacked or coiled without blemish. Its exceptional salt spray performance makes it ideal for treating metals that are to be shipped overseas or warehoused near the ocean.

Recommended Applications

  • Slushing oils
  • Protective storage and shipping fluids
  • Dip tank fluids
ALOX 2100 Rust Preventive Features and Benefits
Features Benefits
Exceptional salt spray/humidity protection

Non-staining – safe for use on coiled or stacked metals
when diluted in most aliphatic solvents
Added assurance that parts won’t rust or stain
Outstanding water displacing/metal wetting properties

Superior water separating properties
Improved protection through reduction in
water contamination
Non-corrosive to a variety of non-ferrous metals,
including copper, aluminum, zinc, magnesium,
brass, and cadmium
Expanded application versatility
Free of barium and other heavy metals Responsive to market demands for safer,
heavy metal-free technologies
Good solubility in a wide range of petroleum diluents Increased formulation flexibility, enabling multiple
performance levels while reducing complexity
Recommended Formulations
Level of
Rust Protection
Percentage of
ALOX® 2100
 Percentage of
 Salt Spray
ASTM B117 (avg.hours)
Maximum 20% Aliphatic Petroleum Solvent: 80% 168
General Purpose 5-15% Aliphatic Petroleum Solvent: Balance 24-104
Soft Film 10-15% Mineral Oil: 10-15%
Aliphatic Petroleum Solvent: Balance
Oily Film 10-20% Petroleum Oil: Balance 44-92

ASTM B117 Salt Spray Performance Highlights

ASTM B117 Salt Spray Performance Highlights   ASTM B117 Salt Spray Performance Highlights
ALOX® 2100 is capable of exceeding 100 hours protection in salt spray environments as measured by ASTM B117 test method.*   In the same ASTM B117 salt spray test, rust preventives containing a commercially available additive did not adequately protect metal panels from rust.*
* 20% treat rate, 140°F (60°C) Flash Point Solvent

Enhanced Performance: Lubrizol Water Separation Test

ALOX® 2100 Traditional
Time to Separate (min:sec) 3:16 6:30
Water Layer Clear Clear
Organic Layer
ml Clear/ml Hazy
65/10 Hazy
Water Separation
ALOX 2100 Rust Preventive
Time to Separate – 2:30 (min/sec)
15% Additive in 100°F (40°C) Flash Point Solvent
 **15% Additive in 100°F (40° C) Flash Point Solvent
  -75 ml of RP solution; 25 ml water
  -Invert six times in a 100 ml graduated cylinder
  -Record time to separate 25 ml of water

Typical Properties

Property Description
Appearance Waxy Brown Solid
Specific Gravity @ 15.6°C 0.89
Acid Number, mg KOH/g 13
Melt Point, °C 38
Viscosity, cSt @ 100°C 15
Flash Point, COC, °C 170

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