Industrial Gear Oil Additives

Industrial Gear Oil Additives. Provide extreme pressure performance; rust and oxidation resistance.Industrial Gear Oil Additives

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Steel Manufacturing


In hot and demanding steel manufacturing environments, gear oils need to provide protection under shock loading conditionsSteel



In harsh mining conditions, contamination of the lubricant by dust, debris and water is often unavoidableMining

Paper Mills

General Manufacturing

Long service life, clean, non-sludging performance and resistance to micropitting are important parametersGeneral Manufacturing

Power Generation

Power Generation

The varied types of power generation equipment found around the world place many varying demands upon industrial gear oilsPower Generation



Industrial gearboxes on marine vessels are challenged by an environment susceptible to water ingress and constant vibrationMarine

Industrial Manufacturing Equipment

Open Gear Sets

Open gear lubrication is one of the most arduous regimes found anywhere in industrial gear systemsOpen Gear Sets



Gearboxes used within the food processing industry require lubricants to meet the appropriate standards covering incidental food contactFood

NLGI Annual Meeting

June 6-9, 2015

Coeur d’Alene Resort, Coeur d’Alene, ID

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Lubrizol is proud once again to be a leading sponsor of the STLE Annual Meeting. The Lubrizol team will be busy during the Annual Conference – check out the schedule.  Lubrizol at STLE 2015

Passing the Siemens MD Specification used to be an art – now it’s reality. Introducing a new high-performance technology that masters the challenges faced by industrial gear oil formulators.  Stroke of Genius

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