Hydraulic Additives

Hydraulic Oil Additives. Packages for stability and performance in compact, high pressure systems.Hydraulic Additives

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Hydraulic Oil Additives


A complete line of hydraulic oil additives and packages that will keep engines running cleanly and more consistentlyConstruction



Clean hydraulic technology gives injection molders increased productivity, extended fluid life and reduced valve replacement downtimePlastics



Ensuring excellent hydrolytic stability, superior rust and corrosion protection and minimal increases in air entrainment.Steel



High-performance hydraulic fluid additives help combat the effects of contamination, with wear protection, thermal stability, rust and corrosion protection in mining equipmentMining


Food Processing

A wide range of incidental food contact lubricants to meet the increasingly stringent demands of the food processing industryFood Processing


General Manufacturing

Backed by decades of formulating experience and proven field performance, Lubrizol hydraulic fluid additives provide excellent overall performance in any plant environmentGeneral Manufacturing



Our products for forestry equipment are designed to provide hydraulic clean technology, which can first remove varnish from the hydraulic system and then keep it outForestry

NLGI Annual Meeting

June 6-9, 2015

Coeur d’Alene Resort, Coeur d’Alene, ID

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Lubrizol is proud once again to be a leading sponsor of the STLE Annual Meeting. The Lubrizol team will be busy during the Annual Conference – check out the schedule.  Lubrizol at STLE 2015

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