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Test Procedures

Number Title
745-C Acrylic Emulsion Polymer Gravimetric Determination of Percent Total Solids
92-B Acrylic Emulsion Polymer pH, As Supplied
94-D Acrylic Emulsion Polymer Viscosity, As Supplied
430-I Determination of Brookfield Viscosity
485-D Clarity of Carbopol®, Pemulen® or Noveon® Polymer Mucilages
3001 Acid Number of Avalure™ Polymers
3002 pH Measurement of Avalure™, Fixate™, and Novemer™ Polymers
3055 Preparation and Testing of Emulsion Polymer Mucilage With and Without the Addition of Salt
3007 Brookfield Viscosity of Avalure™ AC and Novemer™ Polymers
3022 Total Solids of Avalure™ AC and Fixate™ Polymers, by Microwave Drying Techniques
ANLAB.075 Dispersion Viscosity of Carbopol®* Ultrez 20 Polymer
ANLAB.076 3% Wetting Time of Carbopol® Ultrez 20 Polymer
SA-003 Determination of Brookfield Viscosity of Carbopol® ETD Resins
SA-004 Loss on Drying
SA-009 Residual Ethyl Acetate and Cyclohexane
SA-015 Pemulen™ Polymeric Emulisfiers Emulsion Viscosity and Stability
SA-016 Brookfield Viscosity of Carbopol® Polymer Mucilages After Salt Addition
SA-051A Determination of Wetting Time & Brookfield Viscosity of Carbopol® Ultrez and Carbopol® EZ Polymers
SAF-067 Acrylic Emulsion Polymer Viscosity, Salt Viscosity and Turbidity of 1% Mucilage
STP-827 Determination of Sub-ppm Levels of Ethyl Acrylate in Acrylic Emulsion Polymers
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