Home Care


Air Care

H-AF-0007 Cream Air Freshener Gel
H-AF-0007 (LA) Cream Air Freshener Gel

Auto Care

H-AC-0006 Car Wash with Suspended Beads
H-AC-0009 Spray and Shine Car Wax
H-AC-0010 Liquid Car Polish
H-AC-0014  Leather Plastic Polish
H-AC-0015  Chrome Polish
H-AC-0016  Translucent Car Wax with Pearls
H-AC-0017  "No Run" Tire Shine
H-AC-0018  Creamy Car Polish

Dish Care

H-DC-0006  Premium Dishwashing Liquid Capable of Suspending Beads
H-DC-0007  Automatic Dishwashing Gel with Chlorine Bleach
H-DC-0008  Low Phosphate Automatic Dishwashing Gel
H-DC-0010  Economy Phosphate-Free Automatic Dishwashing Gel
H-DC-0011  Phosphate-Free Automatic Dishwashing Gel
H-DC-0012 High Viscosity Phosphate-Free Automatic Dishwashing Gel
H-DC-0018(EU)  Hand Dishwashing Liquid with Suspended Beads
H-DC-0019 "Natural" Dishwashing Liquid
H-DC-0023(AP) Economy Manual Dishwashing Liquid
H-DC-0025(IN) Clear Manual Dish Gel

Fabric Care

H-FC-0003B  Laundry Pre-Spotter
H-FC-0005A  Laundry Pre-Spotter with Chlorine Bleach
H-FC-0012  2X High Efficiency Laundry Detergent
H-FC-0016  Color Safe Laundry Detergent
H-FC-0017  Delicate Laundry Detergent
H-FC-0018  Premium Laundry Detergent
H-FC-0019  2X Economy Laundry Detergent
H-FC-0020  Laundry Pre-Spotter Gel
H-FC-0023 Hydrogen Peroxide Stain Remover
H-FC-0024 Stain Spot Cleaner with Hydrogen Peroxide

Surface Care

H-HS-0003B HIgh Caustic Oven Cleaner
H-HS-0005 Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Chlorine Bleach
H-HS-0005 (LA) Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Chlorine Bleach
H-HS-0007D Chlorine Bleach Mold and Mildew Remover
H-HS-0009 Calcium Carbonate Abrasive Cleaner Without Bleach
H-HS-0012 Furniture Polish
H-HS-0013 Marble Polish
H-HS-0014 Silver and Metal Polish
H-HS-0017 Multi-Purpose Cleaning Gel
H-HS-0018 Multi-Purpose Cleaning Spray
H-HS-0018 (LA) Multi-Purpose Cleaning Spray
H-HS-0020 Power Degreasing Gel
H-HS-0021 Alcohol Sanitizing Gel for Surfaces
H-HS-0021 (LA) Alcohol Sanitizing Gel for Surfaces
H-HS-0022 Abrasive Cleaner with Bleach
H-HS-0023 No-Drip Caustic Multi-Purpose Cleaner
H-HS-0024 General Purpose Spray Cleaner
H-HS-0026A Hard Surface Cleaner with Triclosan
H-HS-0027 Streak Free, No Drip Window Cleaner
H-HS-0027 (LA) Streak Free, No Drip Window Cleaner
H-HS-0028 Alkaline Drain Cleaner (20% Sodium Hydroxide)
H-HS-0032 Premium Multi-Purpose Cleaner
H-HS-0034 Orange Oil Spray for Wood
H-HS-0035 Sanitizing Shine Hard Surface Cleaner
H-HS-0037 Floor Restoration Polish
H-HS-0038 General Purpose Cleaner
H-HS-0039 High Shine Floor Cleaner 
H-HS-0040 High Shine Floor Polish
H-HS-0041 Economy Shine Floor Polish


H-MC-0005  Solvent Based Paint Stripper
H-MC-0012  Insect Repellant Gel
H-MC-0013 Acetone Paint Stripper with Reduced Volatility

LA = Formulated for Latin American Market

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