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Lubrizol provides Carbopol® polymers and Noverite™ functional polymers that can be used to formulate automatic dishwashing systems and manual dishwashing formulations.

Carbopol polymers provide suspension and stabilization of gels with high levels of electrolytes and builders.  Carbopol polymers provide stable viscosity in high alkaline bleach containing systems which are used as sanitizing agents in automatic dish formulations.  The shear-thinning rheology of Carbopol polymers also provide easy dispensing, and good dissolution while minimizing product dripping in dishwashers. 

Noverite functional polymers are used as sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP) replacements in automatic dish care.  They provide detergent builder functionality.  Noverite polymers provide performance through chelation, inhibiting precipitation of silicates, carbonates, and phosphates along with crystal growth inhibition. 


• Shear-thinning rheology modification that yields easy dispensing, and good dissolution with minimal product dripping
• Improves compatibility with stabilization and suspension of insoluble ingredients
• Viscosity stabilization at high alkaline pH and with bleach containing systems
• Noverite polymers can serve as phosphate replacements in Automatic dish gels and powder providing multifunctionality as a good builder replacement

Application Recommended Product Sample Formulation
Premium Dishwashing Liquid Capable of Suspending Beads Carbopol® Aqua 30 Polymer
Chemoxide™ CAW Surfactant
Sulfochem™ ES-2 Surfactant
Sulfochem™ SLS Surfactant
Automatic Dishwashing Gel with Chlorine Bleach Carbopol® 676 Polymer H-DC-0007
Low Phosphate Automatic Dishwashing Gel Carbopol® 676 Polymer H-DC-0008
Phosphate-Free Automatic Dishwashing Powder Noverite™ K-739 Polymer
Chemoxide™ LO Surfactant
Economy Phosphate-Free Automatic Dishwashing Gel Carbopol® 690 Polymer
Noverite™ K-7058 Polymer
Chemoxide™ LO Surfactant
Phosphate-Free Automatic Dishwashing Gel Carbopol® 676 Polymer
Chemoxide™ LO Surfactant
Noverite™ K-732 Polymer
Hand Dishwashing Liquid with Suspended Beads Carbopol® Aqua 30 Polymer H-DC-0018(EU)
Economy Manual Dishwashing Liquid Novethix™ HC200 Polymer H-DC-0023(AP)
Clear Manual Dish Gel Novethix™ HC200 Polymer H-DC-0025(IN)

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