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Carbopol® Polymers

Carbopol® Polymers: Powder

The Carbopol® polymer family is based on crosslinked acrylic acid chemistry.  The products are crosslinked at different levels providing a portfolio of functionally diverse performance options.

The product line has been enhanced over the years to meet

  • Market formulation demands
  • Increased product robustness
  • Improved handling and processing.

The product line has evolved from our “traditional” grade of polymers which are synthesized in benzene by making the following product improvements:

  • Enhanced toxicological profile to improve environmental acceptability by offering polymers produced in a cosolvent blend of ethyl acetate/cyclohexane
  • Easier dispersion products such as the EZ and ETD polymers.  These polymers incorporated low levels of processing aid to provide greater versatility in formulation and handling performance


Carbopol polymers are efficient and effective rheology modifiers providing excellent thickening, suspension and stabilization benefits.  They provide a wide range of flow characteristics allowing the formulation of a broad variety of product forms.

Carbopol® Aqua Polymers: Liquid Polymers

Carbopol Aqua 30 polymer is an alkali swellable, lightly crosslinked acrylic emulsion polymer.  Carbopol Aqua 30 polymer is supplied as a 30 wt% TS.


Carbopol Aqua 30 polymer is easy to use because it is supplied in liquid form.  It enables formulation flexibility because of its surfactant compatibility and synergistic thickening with salts.  It also provides process flexibility by its ability to be incorporated at different process stages.  Carbopol Aqua 30 polymer offers clarity and structuring in surfactant systems, excellent stabilization at a broad pH range and enhanced vertical cling properties.

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