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Lubrizol provides rheology modifiers and functional polymers that can be used to formulate car washes, protectants, polishes and degreasing products. 

Carbopol® polymer, Pemulen™ polymers and Novemer™ polymers provide suspension and stabilization of gels, pastes, washes and emulsions.  The rheology modifiers can suspend insoluble ingredients and will provide good vertical cling in the different product forms.

Noverite™ functional polymers are used to reduce water spotting in wash systems allowing for low rinse systems with fewer residues left on drying. 


• Polymers which provide stability and suspension of insoluble ingredients such as oils, waxes and beads
• Cleaning systems which leave less residue and water spotting
• Polymers which provide the desired flow and leveling in a wide range of product forms
• Shear thinning rheology which can be used in non-aerosol pump spray with good vertical cling that minimizes dripping of the products during application 

Application Recommended Product Sample Formulation
Carwash with Suspended Beads Carbopol® Aqua 30 Polymer
Sulfochem™ ES-2 Surfactant
Chrome Polish Carbopol® EZ-2 Polymer H-AC-0015
Leather/Plastic Polish Carbopol® EZ-2 Polymer H-AC-0014
Liquid Car Polish Pemulen™ 1622 Polymer H-AC-0010
"No Run" Tire Shine Novemer™ EC-1 Polymer H-AC-0017
Spray & Shine Car Wax Pemulen™ 1622 Polymer H-AC-0009
Translucent Car Wax with Beads Carbopol® 676 Polymer H-AC-0016
Creamy Car Polish Novemer™ EC-1 Polymer H-AC-0018
High Gloss Rubber and Vinyl Protectant Pemulen™ 1622 Polymer
Noverite™ K-752 Polymer
H-AC-0019 (LA)
Creamy Spray and Shine Car Wax Novemer™ EC-1 Polymer H-AC-0020

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