Engineered Polymers (TPU)

Estane® 58000 TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)

The Estane 58000 series is a complete polyester and polyether based TPU product line primarily designed for extrusion and injection molding.

EMEAI (Europe, Middle East, Africa, India)
Product NameHardnessAvailabilityTechnical Data Sheet
Estane® 58070 TPU 72A
Estane® 58091 TPU 70D
Estane® 58123 TPU 70A
Estane® 58130 TPU 50D
Estane® 58133 TPU 55D
Estane® 58134 TPU 45D
Estane® 58137 TPU 65D
Estane® 58142 TPU 60D
Estane® 58144 TPU 65D
Estane® 58201 TPU 82A
Estane® 58202 TPU 85A
Estane® 58206 TPU 85A
Estane® 58211 TPU 90A
Estane® 58212 TPU 95A / 46D
Estane® 58213 TPU 75A
Estane® 58215 TPU 90A
Estane® 58219 TPU 92A
Estane® 58226 TPU 92A
Estane® 58237 TPU 90A
Estane® 58238 TPU 75A
Estane® 58244 TPU 90A
Estane® 58245 TPU 80A
Estane® 58246 TPU 50D
Estane® 58252 TPU 70A / 22D
Estane® 58271 TPU 85A
Estane® 58277 TPU 92A
Estane® 58280 TPU 79A
Estane® 58284 TPU 85A
Estane® 58300 TPU 82A
Estane® 58309 TPU 85A
Estane® 58311 TPU 85A
Estane® 58315 TPU 85A
Estane® 58325 TPU 85A
Estane® 58370 TPU 80A
Estane® 58437 TPU 85A
Estane® 58610 TPU 87A
Estane® 58630 TPU 82A
Estane® 58810 TPU 90A
Estane® 58863 TPU 85A
Estane® 58881 TPU 80A
Estane® 58887 TPU 87A

While products may be commercially available, sampling may be restricted in some regions. Please check with your local account manager for availability.
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