Engineered Polymers


Estane® Engineered Polymers combines processing and end-use versatility making them ideal for use in today’s demanding transportation market. Our engineered polymer solutions can be used in most every type of vehicle, providing safety, comfort, durability and environmental benefits. Estane’s engineered polymers are also easier to handle during processing, ensuring higher flow control and consistency over competitive alternatives.

From soft-touch applications in vehicle interiors to more rugged and vital components such as underbody and chassis, Estane Engineered Polymers add value to manufacturers and end users worldwide.

Typical applications include:


Passenger cars

Ideal for soft-touch surfaces like gear knobs, door handles and cup holders, engineered polymers provide excellent scratch- and abrasion-resistance and a comfortable, supple feel. Under the hood, Estane Engineered Polymers provide the resistance to chemicals and oils required for wire and cable jacketing around the engine and transmission.


Commercial vehicles

Estane Engineered Polymers are an excellent choice in fuel bowl and sealing applications where chemical resistance is critical.



In the aviation industry, the durability of Estane Engineered Polymers and their wear-resistant properties make them ideal for baggage and storage conveyors.



Excellent toughness, abrasion resistance and weathering properties make Estane Engineered Polymers a solid choice for marine environments.



Many shock pads are made from engineered polymers for their absorption properties. Engineered Polymers are an excellent choice in sealing applications because of their chemical resistance.

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