Engineered Polymers


When it comes to general industrial markets, the list of applications is nearly endless. Engineered polymers, such as thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs), bring the strength of metal or rubber, with added softness and environmental friendliness. In addition, offering a variety of properties from flame retardancy and breathability to chemical resistance and energy absorption, they can be processed to meet most any application need.

That’s why choosing the right engineered polymer supplier is critical. With our full line of Estane® Engineered Polymers, Lubrizol offers one of the broadest product ranges available today, backed by decades of experience. We have a team dedicated to developing the right solution for our customers – helping you select, process and integrate the right product for your end-use. The Estane Engineered Polymers team reacts quickly to solve your challenges, meeting the demanding response times required by your customers.

As a result, our solution-based approach allows you to provide more value in your particular market, adding performance and efficiency that gives you a definite edge.

Applications for the industrial market include:



Safety, comfort, and durability solutions for passenger car, commercial vehicle, marine, locomotive, and aerospace applications.

Wire and Cable

Wire and Cable

Extreme conditions call for extreme polymers. Lubrizol’s Estane® Engineered Polymers protect wire and cable jacketing in some of the toughest environments. Not only formulated for maximum abrasion- and chemical resistance, they feature unmatched flame retardant technologies.



The material of choice for many contractors, Estane Engineered Polymers offer maximum flexibility, durability and easy installation in applications such as CIPP (cured-in-place pipe) or specialty adhesives.



Used in high performance wires used for wind power and solar panels, Estane Engineered Polymers bring weather resistance and flame retardancy.

Additional Information

Wind Energy


Protective equipment

Engineered polymers can be see-through, haze-free, distortion free and UV resistant, making them ideal for bullet resistant glass. Good breathability allows for use in fire hoses and life rafts and other outdoor applications.



Superior chemical resistance and excellent cleanability in food manufacturing and packaging environments where hot steam and harsh chemicals are used to kill bacteria. High durability and good cut resistance. With no plasticizers, Estane Engineered Polymers are more environmentally friendly.



Durable, statically dissipative and corrosion-resistant, Estane Engineered Polymers work well in animal identification and harvest equipment applications.


Industrial equipment

Ideal for belts and control cables, engineered polymers provide strength and durability. An alternative to rubber, Estane Engineered Polymers do not require vulcanization, they are recyclable and provide similar performance with improved chemical resistance.

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