Driveline Additives

Driveline Additives. Additives for gear oils, transmission fluids and off-highway fluids, covering all on and off road applications. Driveline Additives

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Gear Oil Additives

Automotive Gear Oil

Anglamol® additives set the standard for gear oil technology. Our additive packages support temperature reductions and prevent wear that can result in equipment failureAutomotive Gear Oil

Automatic Transmission Fluids (ATFs)

Automatic Transmission Fluids (ATFs)

New fuel efficient transmissions mean higher performance requirements. Our ATF additive technologies reduce shudder, improve shift feel and increase transmission durabilityAutomatic Transmission Fluids (ATFs)

Off-Highway Lubricant Additives


Hardworking fluids for hardworking equipment. Whether the job is construction, mining or agriculture, our additives help equipment run longer, with superior performanceOff-Highway is a single, all-encompassing website exclusively dedicated to driveline topics for both on- and off-road vehicles. OEMs, suppliers and oil marketers can log onto the site for the latest industry news, market intelligence, technical innovations and hardware animations critical to their professional responsibilities and to enhancing their career skill sets.  Driveline News

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