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Off-Highway Oil Additives

Off-HighwayFluids used in off-highway equipment that lubricate transmissions, final drives, wet brakes, transmission clutches, and hydraulic systems. These fluids typically lubricate from a common fluid reservoir on the vehicle. These unique performance characteristics make off-highway lubricants acceptable for use in both on and off-highway commercial transmissions, high-pressure hydraulic systems, construction, mining and forestry equipment.

In the agriculture industry these fluids often are called universal tractor transmission oils (UTTOs). Another category fluid for agricultural equipment is super tractor oil universal (STOU). STOU oils are formulated for engines as well as wet brakes, hydraulic systems, and transmissions of many farm tractors currently in service. Lubrizol is the only company that manufactures both UTTO and STOU additives.

In the mining and construction industry, off-highway transmission/drivetrain oils are classified by the TO-4 and the TO-4M specifications. The TO-4 testing requirements are divided into six principle areas of concentration: physical properties, elastomer compatibility, oxidation stability, viscometrics, wear, and friction material performance.  Lubrizol’s power transmission and drivetrain additive technology is used to blend transmission fluids for off-highway equipment designed to meet the powershift transmission requirements of major equipment manufacturers.


How to Identify High Performance Tractor Hydraulic Fluids  

Learn about a program that educates farmers about the quality of tractor hydraulic fluids and helps you position your products as high performance lubricants meeting OEM credentials. Email if you are interested in learning how you can take part in this program.

How To Sell Against Budget-Priced Fluids And Expand Your Profits

The North American tractor hydraulic fluid (THF) market consumed 136 million gallons of finished lubricant in 2009. The fastest growing product category is low quality tractor fluids which represents 25% of the current market. If these low quality fluids are not currently eating away at your market share, they soon will. That's why Lubrizol created this video to educate your distributors on how to sell against budget-priced THFs. Watch the video now and email us to find out how you can use the video as an educational tool to expand your profits.

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