Driveline Additives

Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO) Additives

Operator comfort and equipment productivity and durability

The primary uses for Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO) are farm tractors and combines. However, it also can be used in non-farm applications that have wet brakes, hydraulics, transmissions, or applications in which operators want to simplify the number of lubricants in inventory. These include bulldozers, road graders, front-end loaders, and forestry equipment that have hydraulics and Powershift transmissions; busses and trucks that have Powershift transmissions; mining equipment with hydraulics; and lift trucks - from warehouse size to steel mill size - with wet brakes.

Performance Packages

Lubrizol's UTTO performance packages offer many advantages for operator comfort and equipment productivity and durability. Our superior friction performance eliminates the screeching noise known as chatter in wet brakes. We provide excellent shift performance in Powershift transmissions. Both these factors help reduce operator fatigue.

We also offer a fine balance of superior anti-wear properties to protect final drive gears without hurting the soft, yellow metal in the hydraulic pump. Better copper protection prevents corrosion in axial piston hydraulic pumps. Pumps don't lose pressure and p roductivity is enhanced. We also offer a variety of viscosity modifiers to ensure maximum flexibility when choosing fluid performance levels.


How To Sell Against Budget-Priced Fluids And Expand Your Profits

The North American tractor hydraulic fluid (THF) market consumed 136 million gallons of finished lubricant in 2009. The fastest growing product category is low quality tractor fluids which represents 25% of the current market. If these low quality fluids are not currently eating away at your market share, they soon will. That's why Lubrizol created this video to educate your distributors on how to sell against budget-priced THFs. Watch the video now and email us to find out how you can use the video as an educational tool to expand your profits.


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