Driveline Additives

Automotive Gear Oil Additives

In the 1930s, Lubrizol invented the extreme pressure agents that made the use of hypoid gears possible in the final drives of cars and trucks. Through the use of hypoid gears, chassis could be lower to the ground, automotive body designs could be more streamlined, and engines could apply higher horsepower to the driveline. In essence, this began the era of modern automotive design. But the main advantage of these new gear oils was their reliability under severe operating conditions. That's why during World War II, 80% of Allied vehicles used gear oils containing Lubrizol additives.

Automotive Gear Oil Additives

Performance Packages

For passenger cars, trucks and heavy equipment, Lubrizol's automotive gear oil performance additive packages focus on friction reduction, heat removal and extreme pressure anti-wear additives to prevent wear, pitting, spalling, scoring, scuffing and other types of distress that can result in equipment failure and downtime. Protection against oxidation, thermal degradation, rust, copper corrosion and foaming also must be provided. Plus, these automotive gear oils must perform over a wide range of ambient temperatures.

Leading Worldwide Lubricant Quality

While automotive gear oil quality in North America and Western Europe is consistently high, lubricant quality throughout the rest of the world may vary widely. The use of lower quality lubricants may severely limit the useful life of equipment, resulting in excessive warranty claims for OEMs. Even common performance standards such as API GL-5 can't always be trusted, since there is no official review process for performance claims.

Lubrizol has led the industry in developing performance additive packages that meet the needs of equipment manufacturers worldwide. Here are a few examples that demonstrate this leadership:

  • First to develop sulfur phosphorus additive chemistry to meet performance needs of hypoid gears;
  • Developed thermally stable additive technology to meet needs of higher speeds and loads; and
  • Introduced the first total driveline lubricant additive technology meeting the needs of both axle and synchromesh transmissions

Lubrizol’s commitment to research, development and testing of new technologies, including proven field performance, ensures that Lubrizol will continue to deliver products to the marketplace that meet the changing needs of OEMs and end-users worldwide.

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