Corporate Responsibility

Diversity and Inclusion

Lubrizol believes that a work environment that attracts, retains, values and recognizes the most-talented people of all races, genders, cultural backgrounds and life experiences can actually improve an organization’s overall financial performance. We are developing our organization and our future by harnessing the diverse knowledge, skills and leadership abilities of Lubrizol’s 6,900 employees. Specifically, we expect this diverse environment to:

  • Increase workplace productivity 
  • Facilitate innovation and decision making 
  • Strengthen stakeholder relationships 
  • Capitalize on new and emerging markets 
  • Attract and retain the best and brightest employees 
  • Create new opportunities for employees to develop

Lubrizol Employee Resource Groups

To support Lubrizol’s diversity and inclusion initiatives, a variety of employee resource groups are open to employee participation, including:

  • African American Resource Group
  • Asia-Pacific Resource Group
  • Group of Aspiring Lubrizol Leaders
  • Women in Lubrizol Leadership

Supplier Diversity

In terms of quality, service and cost competitiveness, the best possible purchasing decisions are achieved through supplier diversity -- access to a supplier base that includes minority- and women-owned businesses. So, in addition to creating a diverse and inclusive workforce, The Lubrizol Corporation continues to build a diverse supplier base. All companies have an equal opportunity to furnish the goods and services necessary to meet Lubrizol's growing and changing needs.

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