Student Learning Opportunities

Student Learning Opportunities in North America, The United Kingdom, Europe

Are you a student who is interested in specialty chemicals and excels at innovating and problem solving? Then Lubrizol wants to work with you. Lubrizol partners with dozens of universities worldwide to provide student learning opportunities that benefit both the student and our company. Participate and you’ll align yourself with one of the world’s premier specialty chemical companies. Gain real-project experience, learn about us, let us to learn about you, build a network, gain a competitive edge, and much more.

Internships at Lubrizol

The Lubrizol internship program offers a wide range of challenging assignments at many of our locations. Internships can be full time or part time. To be an intern, you must be enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student in a degreed program. Highlights include: 

  • Internships in organic synthesis, molecular spectroscopy, chromatography, physical chemistry, tribology, and business 
  • Challenging work assignments that are actual projects 
  • The opportunity to present to business leaders at the conclusion of your internship 
  • The possibility of full-time Lubrizol employment after graduation

Co-Op and Student Placement Opportunities at Lubrizol

They’re called Co-Ops in North America, but often known as student placement opportunities or apprentices in Europe. The Lubrizol co-operative education program sponsors a far-reaching work/study curriculum in several engineering disciplines and information systems. Co-Op work terms typically alternate with academic terms during the school year. Some highlights: 

  • Essentially a joint venture among your college/university, Lubrizol, and you 
  • Co-Op programs in chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, corrosion engineering, computer engineering (information systems), marketing and human resources. 
  • Increasingly complex assignments that keep pace with your classroom studies 
  • First-hand exposure to industrial manufacturing, R&D, marketing, IS, and engineering 
  • The opportunity to present to business leaders at the conclusion of each term 
  • The possibility of full-time Lubrizol employment after graduation

For a list of internships, Co-Ops, and student placement opportunities please visit the Lubrizol job site.


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