Corzan® Industrial Systems

Corzan® Industrial Systems Creating piping solutions with better corrosion resistance and high-temperature performance for transmission of chemical fluids.Corzan® Industrial Systems

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Corzan® excels in a multitude of industrial applications and project functionsApplications

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The industrial team made a trip to Chicago, IL to showcase its piping systems at the Electric Power Conference & Exhibition. During this 3-day conference, the team presented the distinct benefits that Corzan provides power generation plants.  Corzan Debuts at Electric Power 2015

With a unique molecular structure and a pressure rating 25 percent higher than standard CPVC, Corzan® CPVC has been created to extend the traditional boundaries of standard CPVC performance. Read our technical paper for more info.  Not All CPVC Piping Systems Perform the Same

As a global business, Corzan provides solutions to industrial process operations around the world. From April 15th-16th, Lubrizol’s Industrial CPVC brand attended PECOM (Petroleum Exhibition & Conference of Mexico) in Tabasco, Mexico.   Corzan® HP gaining traction in Latin America

Information on Corzan Chemical Compatibility  FBC System Compatible Program

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